The Da Vinci Pledge

Collaborative Spirit: “NONE of us is as strong as ALL of us”
Act respectfully and responsibly and be mindful of your impact on others as you consider the expectations of yourself and of your community. Contribute to the collaborative vision of the school by embracing and celebrating the diverse voices and the unique characteristics of each individual.

Professional Actions: “Your choices and actions matter”
Dress, speak, and act with conduct and appearance that is appropriate for your given situation. Be truthful and take ownership of the situation and of your actions in order to do the right thing, regardless of circumstances. Create and maintain a culture of trust.

Innovative Learning: “Ready, Fire, Aim!”
Create and maintain high expectations for ourselves and our school. Invite and offer feedback to improve ideas and collaborate for innovation. Encourage curiosity, embrace uncertainty and search for the (real/useful) truth by articulating our questions, owning our learning and taking risks. Challenge and build on wild ideas, take risks with your learning and embrace and learn from your failures as well as your successes.

Community Mindset: “Surrender the ME for the WE”
Teach, learn and include student voice in every decision and interaction. Recognize and build upon the assets of self and others while practicing and promoting equity of voice. Foster the strength of our community with individual choices and contributions that reflect positive regard for all.

Restorative Focus: “Assume Positive Intent”
Address problems respectfully, promptly, and appropriately by taking concerns to the people directly involved. Use “I” statements and positive communication to help others consider the impact of their actions. Provide opportunities for others to restore trust and repair relationships.